Rental portable LED displays with high-resolution quality for events. These displays are lightweight, easy to set up and require minimal maintenance. Display custom content and compatible with different input sources. They can be remotely controlled and monitored for ease of management. Get professional and practical display solutions today.

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What is Rental LED displays

Rental LED displays for portable and versatile displays at events. These displays are made of modular LED panels that are easy to assemble and disassemble, with exceptional image quality, vibrant colors, and wide viewing angles.

They offer endless configuration possibilities for immersive visual experiences, are built with rugged materials, and have convenient setup features and advanced control systems for seamless content management. Operators can remotely monitor and manage the displays in real-time.

Rental LED displays are perfect for corporate gatherings, trade shows, conferences, and concerts, enhancing the overall impact of the event.

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Technical parameters of Rental LED displays

Rental LED displays offer professional-grade performance, with key technical parameters such as pixel pitch, refresh rate, and brightness. The pixel pitch determines image detail and clarity, while the refresh rate ensures smoother motion and reduced blur. The brightness level ensures optimal visibility.

Event organizers have the freedom to choose displays with different pixel pitches to match their requirements, ensuring an immersive visual experience. By considering these technical parameters, event organizers can select the most suitable rental LED displays for trade shows, concerts, and other events. This will create a captivating display that leaves a long-lasting impression.







≥1000~6500cd/ m²

Refresh Rate

1920Hz / 3840Hz



Lightweight and Convenient Rental LED Screens

Visual Led offers lightweight and sturdy rental LED screens for the professional industry. Our screens are designed with efficiency and ease of assembly and disassembly in mind, utilizing materials such as aluminum and epoxy resin with fiber.

Choose Visual Led for high-quality rental LED screens that are durable, structurally stable, and easy to manage, making setup and teardown processes smoother.


Reliable and Efficient Fast Assembling Mechanisms for Rental LED Screens

At Visual Led, our reliable mechanisms prioritize durability and performance. Our fast assembling mechanisms handle frequent use, and our quick fix systems save valuable time during setup and teardown. Trust our commitment to quality for exceptional results, as our reliable mechanisms enable rental LED screens to maintain their visual excellence.

Choose us for outstanding performance without compromising on convenience.


Efficient and Protective Transport Solutions for Rental LED Screens

At Visual Led, we offer protective transport solutions for rental LED screens.

Our professional-grade cases come with cushioning and bespoke protection, compartments, and even wheels for easy mobility. With advanced safety features, they can be stacked securely to optimize storage space. Choose us for a reliable and efficient transport solution that prioritizes safety and convenience.

RENTAL LED DISPLAYS installation process

Efficient Installation Process for Rental LED Displays

With Visual Led, the installation of rental LED displays is a streamlined and efficient process. Our experienced technicians conduct a thorough assessment of the venue to determine the optimal placement and configuration.

Equipped with the necessary tools and expertise, our skilled team ensures precise alignment, secure mounting, and proper cable management during the installation. We prioritize efficiency and work diligently to meet agreed-upon timelines, minimizing disruption.

Trust Visual Led for a seamless installation process that allows you to deliver an exceptional visual experience with your rental LED displays.



Pre-installation Preparation and Material Check 1

Pre-installation Preparation and Material Check: Gather all necessary installation tools and equipment. Verify the presence and condition of all required materials, such as screens, brackets, and cables. Ensure the installation site is clean and ready



Screen Installation and Positioning 2

Screen Installation and Positioning: Identify the optimal location based on the venue assessment. Install brackets or mounting frames securely on the designated wall or structure. Carefully lift and position the screens onto the installed brackets, ensuring level alignment. Use appropriate fasteners to secure the screens



Cable Connection and Testing 3

Cable Connection and Testing: Connect power cables, signal cables, and any additional audio/video cables. Ensure proper cable management for a neat appearance and safety. Power on the screens and conduct thorough testing to verify functionality and display quality. Adjust settings as needed. Perform a final check to ensure secure connections and proper functioning.

  • RF Series

  • RFR Series

  • RFT Series

Application Case Studies of Rental LED Screens

1、Outdoor Concerts: Rental LED screens provide vibrant visuals at outdoor concerts, creating an immersive experience for large audiences and enhancing the overall atmosphere of the event.

2、Trade Shows: Rental LED screens make a strong impact at trade shows, captivating visitors with attention-grabbing displays that effectively showcase products and services, helping exhibitors stand out from the competition.

3、Corporate Events: Rental LED screens serve as powerful communication tools at corporate events, displaying presentations, videos, and live event feeds, engaging audiences and facilitating interactive experiences for real-time audience participation.


What is the price of a Rental LED Display?

The price of a Rental LED Display can vary based on factors such as screen size, pixel density, rental duration, and installation requirements. Generally, larger sizes and higher pixel densities tend to be more expensive, while long-term rentals often offer more competitive pricing.

What are the advantages of Rental LED Display compared to other displays?

Here is the revised translation of the advantages of LED Displays compared to projectors, LCD screens, and CRT televisions:

  1. LED Displays compared to projectors:
  • Higher brightness and color accuracy
  • No need for a dark environment
  • Wide viewing angle
  1. LED Displays compared to LCD screens:
  • Higher brightness and contrast
  • Seamless modular design
  • Better refresh rate
  1. LED Displays compared to CRT televisions:
  • Slim and portable
  • Higher resolution
  • Energy-efficient

Can I get a customized display in a specific size or shape?

Certainly! We prioritize providing exceptional service and meeting our customers' unique requirements. We offer customized displays in specific sizes and shapes to cater to your specific needs. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your display specifications and design preferences. With our technical expertise, we can create a tailored LED display solution that perfectly fits your desired size, shape, and display characteristics. Our goal is to ensure that you receive a customized display that meets your exact requirements and enhances your visual experience.

In which scenarios are rented LED displays suitable?

Rented LED displays are suitable for various scenarios, including:

  • Business exhibitions and events.
  • Indoor and outdoor performances.
  • Sports events and concerts.
  • Conferences and trade shows.
  • Shopping malls and retail centers.
  • Advertising campaigns and brand promotions, etc.

Do you offer technical support and maintenance services?

Yes, we provide comprehensive technical support. We have a dedicated team of professionals who can assist you with any technical issues. We can also offer remote computer debugging by establishing a remote connection if necessary.