FTI Series

Dance Floor LED Display

FTI series led floor tile screen is suitable for indoor fixed installation. Matte black screen surface, good color uniformity, high contrast, no reflection, very suitable for TV studios, live performances and other camera shooting: solid-state LED panel, load-bearing more than 2000 kg per square meter, wear-resistant and non-slip LED floor tile screen surface, easy to access Safety; LED panel size can be customized, height adjustable mounting feet, easy leveling, fast installation and disassembly, fanless design, no noise, very convenient maintenance, LED floor tile panels can be taken out from the middle of the LED floor tile screen by custom vacuum suction cups. Indoor LED video floor tiles have been used in retail stores, immersive scenes, movie shooting, theme parks, exhibition halls, museums, conference centers, theaters, nightclubs and shopping malls.

Product Introduction

FTI series Dance Floor LED Display is a professional-grade, lightweight and durable LED display with customizable visual effects and audio-responsive programming. Ideal for nightclubs and entertainment venues, it is expertly designed with an iron cabinet to protect it from damage and is easy to clean. A versatile and reliable option for any dance floor or entertainment venue.

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The REISSOPTO floor tile screen has a built-in sensor system that can present images following human activities, enhancing immersion and active participation, just like starting a unique interactive magic journey

LED Cabinet Details

The module utilizes high-quality novastar led technology along with a high-refresh control IC to ensure optimal performance. The mask is constructed of high-density alkaline PC material that is designed to resist abrasions, impacts, and flames, providing enhanced durability for extended use. Moreover, the surface has undergone a specialized frosted process that makes it resistant to slippage, scratches, and glare. These features combine to create a superior product that is both reliable and long-lasting, making it an ideal choice for those seeking high-quality LED technology for their purposes.

Iron cabinet size: 500*1000mm

FTI series products are full-color LED floor tiles, which are portable, flexible, easy to install and maintain. The box size is 500x1000mm and the weight is only 18KG.

FTI series boasts of an HD display that offers superb image quality, capturing even the tiniest of details. The seamless splicing technology ensures a smooth transition between images, offering a seamless visual experience. Our product caters to those who appreciate high-definition displays and seek exceptional image quality.

Protective Technology

Exclusive PC cover with anti-scratch and anti-slip technology to avoid any damage

Acrylic Mask

It can protect the lamp beads from being damaged when working, and it can withstand the weight of 2000 kg without stepping on the screen. Sensor chips are also added so that people can interact on the screen, dance, jump and drive the screen to make your advertising space more interesting.

Interactive Dance Floor LED Display Control System

Support intelligent interaction function, people can interact with the screen

If the dance floor LED screen does not need a communication system, a general-purpose control system can actually be used. Compared with UNoosto and Linsn, our main test is the load-bearing problem of the dance LED screen and the outdoor waterproof installation.

Strong Bearing Capacity

The load capacity per square meter can reach 2 tons, which can withstand the trampling of various shoes such as high heels

Tripod and track mounting options are available

If you don't have tools, you can lay the guide rails directly on site for installation.

Easy for maintenance from front

IP66 Waterproof

Strictly waterproof, IP66 protection level, each screen has passed a strict waterproof test before leaving the factory, and the display is stable and reliable in harsh environments.

IP65 waterproof suitable fora variety of environments

New Design With Adjustable Feet

The height of the floor screen can be adjusted by four nuts, and the bracket keeps the screen from slipping when walking.
Adjustable feet for a good flatness and seamless fit

①The height of the foot is 95mm; the shortest is 55mm, ②The height from foot to screen is 150mm, can be adjusted (130-170mm), ③The height of the screen is 75mm.

Flat Mount:
1. Place the floor brackets on flat ground, spacing them 500mm/1000mm apart.
2. Connect the box's positioning holes with the floor supports and fix them in the direction of the arrow on the box's back.
3. Connect the power and signal lines on the back of the box to another box in the same direction.
4. Connect the boxes in turn as shown in the figure.

Embedded Installation:
1. Dig a foundation pit between 50-80cm deep, with a drainage outlet.
2. Build a steel structure 30cm-65cm high in the pit and space it 500mm/1000mm apart.
3. Place floor supports on the steel structure surface.
4. Connect the box's positioning holes with the floor stands in the direction of the arrow on the box's back and adjust their height to be level with the ground.
5. Connect the power and signal lines on the back of the box to another box in the same direction.
6. Install the edge for aesthetics if desired.
7. Regular maintenance is needed to ensure long-term use.

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