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LED floor tile screens are a specialised type of LED display created to rapidly transform any floor space into an interactive and dynamic art installation. With a plethora of benefits on offer, these screens are an ideal choice for creating visually stunning and interactive content. Some of their key features include:

High resolution: Offering high resolution imagery ranging from HD to 4K, LED floor tile screens provide sharp, clear images that give an immersive experience to viewers, even at close viewing distances.

A wide range of angles: With wide viewing angles, these displays ensure that the content is visible from all vantage points as viewers may approach the display from various angles.

High brightness: With a high brightness level of up to 5,000 nits, these screens ensure that the content is visible, even in brightly lit spaces.

Weatherproof: Designed and rated for IP65 or above, outdoor LED floor tile screens are ideal for diverse weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

Modular design: Their modular design ensures that individual tiles can be replaced or added, making them both customisable and easy to maintain.

Customizable: LED floor tile screens come in various sizes and resolution options, and can be customised to fit specific requirements.

Interactive: The interactive possibility can be added to LED floor tile screens with the use of sensors or touch technology. This way, viewers can engage with the display actively.

Easy installation: Simple and secure locking systems make for an easy installation experience.

Energy-efficient: LED technology enables these screens to be energy-efficient, sustaining low-level power consumption and operating costs.

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