Discover RFR Series

RFR Series Front and Rear Maintenance Rental LED Displays are the perfect addition to your temporary events and rentals. With modular design, these displays offer replaceable modules to save time and reduce costs. Their high resolution, wide viewing angles, and high brightness ensure clear and visible content despite harsh weather conditions. Additionally, these displays utilize energy-efficient LED technology to reduce power consumption and costs. The displays are lightweight and portable, making transportation and setup easy and hassle-free. With customizable sizes and resolutions, our Front and Rear Maintenance Rental LED Displays can showcase dynamic and diverse content, such as videos, animations, and live feeds. Furthermore, real-time control allows for quick changes without having to replace physical signage. Designed with easy setup and takedown in mind, these displays are perfect for your temporary event needs.

500PRO+ Series
1000PRO+ Series
1000U Series

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