Dual Service Frontal Rear Rental LED Display

This is a beautifully detailed rental screen. Optional cabinet size: 500mm*500mm and 500mm*1000mm. The main feature is to support the front and rear maintenance of the module, as well as the design of the pluggable hub board and the processing of various details. It supports flexible construction methods such as arc and right-angle installation, making construction and maintenance more convenient. It is suitable for rental activities that require high installation timeliness and maintenance convenience, such as virtual video capture (XR), high-end stage construction, LED screen construction for indoor and outdoor activities, etc. Up to 7680Hz refresh rate and grayscale bring the best visual performance to your application. A flexible locking system and lightweight cabinet ensure quick assembly and disassembly with only one technician.

Product Introduction

Stage events are becoming more and more popular, and stage elements include lighting/audio/video...
1000PRO+ LED display plays an important role in events, stages, shops, TV studios, conference rooms, professional audio-visual installations and other places, and is used for live interactive video broadcasting, etc.
The pixel pitches of indoor rental LED displays are 1.953mm, 2.5mm, 2.604mm, 2.976mm, 3.91mm, 4.81mm; the pixel pitches of outdoor rental LED displays are 2.976mm, 3.91, 4.81, 5.95mm.
1000PRO+ has been a professional LED display manufacturer for LED video walls for more than 15 years, and our stage event LED display exhibits have a variety of options to meet your indoor or outdoor event stage LED video wall needs.
REISSOPTO Your reliable one-stop stage event rental LED screen factory.

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REISSOPTO Front Service Rental LED Display 500×1000mm thin Design with Detachable back cover, High Precision Curve Lock for Curved Installation,Corner Protector for LED, Magnetic Module, High Waterproof and Modules are arranged regardless of left and right. Indoor & outdoor rental LED Display LED Screen, high quality, high brightness & high refresh rate LED video wall with better visual effect.

LED screen rental cabinet

500mm*1000mm die casting aluminum rental led board display cabinet


Two different color theme for your option

Every part of the perfect cabinet design, excellent products come from all the details of the cabinet handle. Cabinet fixing slots, quick locks, magnet adsorption modules, module installation knobs, power signal connectors, detachable power boxes, etc.

Optional size available:500*500mm/ 500*1000mm cabinet.

As the cabinet uses aluminum material, the weight of the panel is only 13kgs, and it has great heat dissipation.

The LED corner protector has four corner protectors to prevent LED damage, making transportation, installation, operation, assembly and disassembly safer. Foldable design, easy to use.

The rental LED screen adopts a magnetic LED panel, and the front and rear designs are convenient for picking and placing the cabinet. This allows for quick installation of the LED panel.

High precision curve lock (-5° to +5°) can make curve LED screen seamless. Rotational control makes it easier to faster to adjust curve degree. It can used for curved stage backdrop.

REISSOPTO displays are designed with die-casting aluminum which provides versatile installation options such as wall-mounted, frame installation, and hanging installation. This versatility makes our displays excellent for various applications.

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