W Series

Indoor Outdoor Rental LED Screen

1) Lightweight Panel weight only 12.5kg ultra-thin design 71mm customized color.
2) Anti-collision design
3) Solder foot is fine after hitting
LEDs can be reparied quickly once dropped
4) Mixture joint for 500x1000mmand 500x500mm cabinet
5) Using environmental protected plastic material, can be recyclable and used repeatedly

Product Introduction

Stage events are becoming more and more popular, and stage elements include lighting/audio/video...
W series LED displays play an important role in events, stages, shops, TV studios, conference rooms, professional audio-visual installations and other places, and are used for live interactive video broadcasting, etc.
The dot pitches of indoor rental LED displays are 1.953mm, 2.5mm, 2.604mm, 2.976mm, 3.91mm, 4.81mm; the dot pitches of outdoor rental LED displays are 2.976mm, 3.91, 4.81, 5.95mm.
W series has been a professional LED display manufacturer for LED video walls for more than 15 years, and our stage event LED display exhibits have a variety of options to meet your indoor or outdoor event stage LED video wall needs.
REISSOPTO Your reliable one-stop stage event rental LED screen factory.

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REISSOPTO rental LED display 500x500mm/500x1000mm thin design, can be installed in an arc with high-precision curve lock, LED corner protection, outdoor high waterproof. Indoor and outdoor rental LED display LED display, high quality, high brightness, high refresh rate LED display, better visual effect.

Die-cast Aluminum Chassis Design

The box body is made of aluminum alloy material, which is light, strong and durable, and the outer frame has high stability.

500mm*500mm/500mm*1000mm die casting aluminum rental led board display cabinet


Lightweight and Thin

Portable and good stability with weight of 7.5kg/12.5kg cabinet and thickness of 71mm. The lightweight cabinet makes the LED display easy to carry, transport, and install, saving a good amount of money on your labor costs.

Perfect cabinet design in every part

W series has the domestic top design team, and the design innovation has its own unique philosophy, with a number of core technologies. Innovative structural design and avant-garde body lines give you an extraordinary experience

Display panel, wider viewing angle, covering more eyeballs

The vertical and horizontal viewing angles are up to 160°, providing a wide viewing angle. Viewing angles are both horizontal and vertical 160°. Viewed from five directions, it is still a natural and clear image of the LED display.

indoor fixed led display iron cabinet

Superb Display

3840Hz high refresh rate, high grayscale, providing an excellent viewing experience.

Lightweight And Thin Structure

The cabinet is made of aluminum die-casting, which is light in weight and thin in thickness, easy to assemble, disassemble and transport, not easy to deform, and save labor in transportation.

customized color

Built-in Edge & Corner Protection

Specially designed with corner guards and high feet to prevent the cabinet from damaging the module during placement or handling

Outdoor IP65 - safe and reliable

The outdoor LED display supports IP65 dustproof and waterproof, which can withstand harsh weather conditions during outdoor activities. Die-cast aluminum is corrosion resistant.

Includes power supply and controller

Renewed Angle Adjustment Lock System

High-precision curve locking (-15° to +15°) can make the curve LED screen seamlessly connected. The rotary control makes it easier and faster to adjust the degree of curve. It can be used for curved stage background.

REISSOPTO displays are designed with die-casting aluminum which provides versatile installation options such as wall-mounted, frame installation, and hanging installation. This versatility makes our displays excellent for various applications.

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