Reissopto LED Rental Screen Helps Romanian Hotel Conference

Romania is a country with a long history and culture, and also one of the important tourist destinations in Europe. In Bucharest, the capital of Romania, there is a five-star hotel named Hotel Transylvania, which is famous for its elegant environment and high-quality service.

Hotel Chooses Reissopto as LED Rental Screen Supplier

Hotel Transylvania often holds various kinds of conferences and events with different scales and themes. In order to enhance the effect and visual impact of the conference, the hotel decided to introduce LED rental screen as the background wall of the conference. After comparing and investigating from multiple aspects, the hotel chose Reissopto as the supplier of LED rental screen.

Reissopto is a professional enterprise engaged in LED display research and development, production, sales and service, with many years of LED rental screen experience and technology. Reissopto provided a P3.91 LED rental screen solution for the hotel according to the hotel’s needs and site conditions.

Features and Advantages of P3.91 LED Rental Screen

P3.91 LED rental screen is a high-definition display screen suitable for stage, conference, exhibition and other occasions, with the following features:

  • Die-casting aluminum box design, light and sturdy, easy to install and disassemble and transport;
  • High refresh rate, high gray level, high contrast, clear and smooth picture, high color restoration;
  • Support multiple signal input and output, such as DVI, HDMI, VGA, etc., compatible with various video formats;
  • Support front and rear maintenance, modular design, easy to replace and repair;
  • Support seamless splicing, can be spliced into different shapes and sizes according to different scene needs.

Reissopto’s Professional Installation and Service

Reissopto’s engineers quickly completed the installation work of the LED rental screen under the guidance of the hotel. Because the hotel’s walls could not be drilled or pasted, Reissopto adopted a steel frame installation method, which fixed the LED rental screen on the steel frame and hung the steel frame on the ceiling with ropes. This not only ensured the stability and safety of the LED rental screen, but also did not cause any damage to the hotel’s walls.

After the installation was completed, Reissopto’s engineers debugged and tested the LED rental screen to ensure that the display effect was in the best state. Then, the hotel started the first conference