ReissOpto Provides Professional LED Screen Rental Services for an Outdoor Small Beer Festival in the United States

ReissOpto is a professional LED screen rental service provider, with years of industry experience and technical strength, providing high-quality, high-efficiency, and cost-effective LED screen solutions for customers around the world. In July 2019, ReissOpto successfully provided LED screen rental services for two projects for an outdoor small beer festival in the United States, winning the praise of customers and audiences.

Project one is the main stage, the customer requires to install three LED screens on the stage, the main screen is square, two side screens on both sides of the main screen, installed on wooden boards, to echo the natural and leisure atmosphere of the beer festival. ReissOpto according to the customer* s needs, provided RFR Series products for the main stage, which is a high-brightness LED screen designed for outdoor activities, with the following features:

High resolution: Each screen uses a P3.9 pixel pitch, ensuring the clarity and delicacy of the picture.

High brightness: Each screen reaches a brightness of 6000nits, which can maintain a good visual effect even in direct sunlight

High stability: Each screen uses a die-cast aluminum body, with light weight, sturdy, waterproof; dustproof corrosion-resistant and other characteristics, suitable for outdoor long-term use.

High flexibility: Each screen can be freely spliced and disassembled, supporting a variety of shapes and angles of combination, easy to adapt to different stage designs.

ReissOpto after communicating with the customer, determined the size of the main screen as 4m x 4m, the size of the side screen as 1m x 4m, and carried out fast and accurate installation and debugging on site. During the beer festival, three LED screens presented wonderful music performances, game interactions, brand promotion and other content for the audience, creating a happy and lively atmosphere.

Project two is the entrance, the customer requires to install a LED screen at the entrance, matching the polygonal design of the entrance, to attract the attention and interest of passers-by. ReissOpto according to the customer7 s needs, provided RFR Series products for the entrance, which is an innovative adaptive LED module with the following features:

High degree of freedom: Each module can be rotated and bent arbitrarily, supporting any curved and shaped splicing without any tools or structures.

High compatibility: Each module can be mixed with other types of LED modules to achieve a combination of various effects and functions.

High reliability: Each module uses a magnetic suction installation method, simple and easy to operate, while having waterproof dustproof anti-static and other characteristics to ensure the safety and stability of the module.

ReissOpto after communicating with the customer, determined the size of the entrance LED screen as 3m x 2m, and used a 6mm pixel pitch to ensure the clarity and smoothness of the picture. ReissOpto also provided professional advice to the customer. According to the polygonal design of the entrance, they spliced the LED modules into an irregular geometric shape, increasing the visual impact and beauty. During the beer festival, the entrance LED screen showed passers-by information such as the theme, activities and discounts of the beer festival, attracting a large number of participants and consumers.

Through these two projects, ReissOpto demonstrated its professional level and advantages in outdoor LED screen rental services, winning recognition and trust from customers and markets. ReissOpto will continue to provide customers around the world with high-quality, efficient and suitable LED screen solutions to add brilliance to their brands and businesses. If you also have similar needs, please contact us. We will serve you wholeheartedly.