TS Series

LED Flexible Transparent Screen

REISSOPTO TS series are flexible transparent screens made of special shapes. The screen body is soft and can be greatly bent. Customize various radians and shapes according to user needs, and apply it in glass windows, shopping malls, science and technology museums, stages and other fields. It perfectly integrates special-shaped, creative, and transparent, and the unique shape shines!

Product Introduction

The thin size and ultra-lightweight modules makes it easy to carry, transport and install.You hardly need any specialized tools or skills to install it. Evervthing is inbuilt. and it can be installed within a few minutes using simple screw-driver.

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REISSOPTO Compare with the common led display, the transparent rate increase 85%.You can hardly see the body of screen but only the like image in the air.

Flexible Frame Design

Support radian bending, wave bending can be easily realized
Provides curved surface art and wide viewing angles

Support Before And After Maintenance

The structure is extremely simple, occupying very little building space, front and rear double maintenance, light panels can be replaced at will, reducing maintenance costs.

Easy To Install

The conventional cabinet is 1000*500mm, the size can be customized, modular splicing, the weight per square meter is only 6KG, the simple connection kit, the appearance is simple, and it supports quick assembly and disassembly.

Deep Customization

Standard straight cabinet 1000X1000mm and1000X500mm, cabinet size can be custom-ized and allow bending into arc according to application, match the building glass perfect-ly.

Energy saving and environment friendly

10% of the power consumption of the traditional ordinary led display is as big. The real energy-saving led screen.

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