TM Series

LED borderless transparent screen

REISSOPTO TM series adopts frameless design, the thickness of the screen is 3.5mm, the weight of the product is about 7kg per square meter, and the viewing angle is 160°, so the screen can be viewed from multiple angles. It is specially designed for store windows, glass curtain walls, and exhibition interpretations, and enjoys the visual impact brought by transparency and full color.

Product Introduction

The thin size and ultra-lightweight modules makes it easy to carry, transport and install.You hardly need any specialized tools or skills to install it. Evervthing is inbuilt. and it can be installed within a few minutes using simple screw-driver.

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REISSOPTO Compare with the common led display, the transparent rate increase 85%.You can hardly see the body of screen but only the like image in the air.

Borderless Design

Lighter and more transparent, with a frameless design. The pitch is as low as 1.9mm, the picture quality is exquisite, and you can enjoy 4K high-definition picture quality. Light and ventilation, no matter what the environment, it will not affect the lighting and line of sight. 1000*500mm standardized design (strong customization of shape)

High Transparency

The transparency of TM series is as high as 70-95%. The larger the point spacing, the higher the transparency rate. It is transparent and ventilated, and does not affect the lighting and sight of the building.

Easy Disassembly, Quick Maintenance

The light board can be disassembled front and rear, combined with front and rear double maintenance

Quick And Easy Installation

Modular cabinet quick release parts connection, reducing the cumbersome steps of installation and reducing the weight of the screen body, simple and clear

Energy saving and environment friendly

10% of the power consumption of the traditional ordinary led display is as big. The real energy-saving led screen.

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