TF Series

LED Ultra-narrow Bezel Transparent Screen

As an innovative transparent display, the TF series adopts an extremely narrow frame design, which reduces the weight of the screen and greatly protects the screen. Because it does not affect the lighting effect of the building space, it is widely used in commercial display, stage display, exhibition display and glass path, etc., to achieve a feast of creative business display.

Product Introduction

The thin size and ultra-lightweight modules makes it easy to carry, transport and install.You hardly need any specialized tools or skills to install it. Evervthing is inbuilt. and it can be installed within a few minutes using simple screw-driver.

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REISSOPTO Compare with the common led display, the transparent rate increase 80%.You can hardly see the body of screen but only the like image in the air.

Standardized Cabinet, Support Customized Design

Using 1000mm*500mm standard box
Various shapes and sizes can be customized Thin and transparent, simple appearance, perfect integration with the site environment

Fast Installation Design

Quick lock design, reducing cumbersome installation methods
Large size die-casting aluminum narrow frame increases the stability of the screen

High Protection, Front And Rear Maintenance

Frame design, protection for indoor and outdoor use, support front and rear dual maintenance

Energy saving and environment friendly

10% of the power consumption of the traditional ordinary led display is as big. The real energy-saving led screen.

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