All In One LED Screen

REISSOPTO high-definition display conference all-in-one machine is not only a display device, but also an operable display platform. It integrates high-definition display, wireless projection, and split-screen display. It can effectively combine product functions and conference methods to improve the efficiency of modern conferences.

1. Integrated design, easy and efficient interaction
2. 16:9/1080P ultra-thin large screen, better match the needs of conference rooms
3. Mobile bracket/wall installation, you can choose the installation method as you like
4. Practical expansion functions and rich interface types
5. Remote control operation, convenient and practical

Product Introduction

With the development of smart cities and the improvement of people's living standards, the pain point of the traditional meeting scene - "I can't see clearly, keep up, and remember" can no longer meet the needs of modern meeting development. Recently, a hot conference and office artifact, the smart conference all-in-one machine, has been launched on the market, empowering a new experience of smart office.

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