600x337.5mm Ultra Light Weight Cabinet

600x337.5mm HD Small Pitch LED Display

Model: P1.25,P1.56,P1.66 ,P1.92,P2,P2.5
Material: Die Casting Aluminum
Cabinet Size: 600×337.50mm
Service Way: Front
Waterproof Levle: IP33
Quality Warranty: 5 Years
CE,RoHS,FCC Approved
High definition 600x337.50mm Front Maintenance Small Pixel LED Display with front service available, High Flatness, High quality, High Reliability, High Refresh Rate 3840hz and 16:9 Golden Ratio HD led screen LED Video Wall. Specially designed for small pixel pitch LED display applications.

Product Introduction

16 :9 Cabinet Size Design with 600*337.50mm dimension, high flatness, easy to install anddisassemble, REISS OPTO Small cabinet size with 600x337.50mm, ultra-lightweight and space saving, adopting high quality high refresh rate LED display panel with 320mm*160mm. dual service from frontal side or reardifinition qualityin an HD LED display


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REISS OPTO Ingeniously create classic products, larger, lighter and thinner, with a small footprint, saving transportation costs and installation costs to the greatest extent, anti-collision design, safe and reliable, easy to operate, full front maintenance design, easy installation, vacuum suction maintenance tools, quick disassembly We can customize the small-pitch products suitable for you according to your needs, we spend some time researching every detail of the product so that you can appreciate every detail of the marketing image.

16:9 Cabinet Design, Die-casting Aluminum

1: Ultra-light/ultra-thin/front maintenance, convenient and quick.
2: Pubic mould cabinet, easy to get the compatible module
3: Not waterproof grade IP33
4: Magnesium alloy material, most lightweight,only 5kg
5: High precision, seamless connect
6: Fast and easy installation, save and labour
7: Versatility, can drilling any module holes on
the cabinet,for indoor&outdoor
8: Excellent heat dissipation, well protect module&curcuit
9: Can pass and inside cabinet, save coat;excellent design hole for cable, good waterproof
10:Can used for fixed installation, rental and stadium cabine


600x337.5mm indoor


REISS OPTO 160° wide viewing angle. Provides a superior viewing experience without loss of true color clarity.

16:9 golden ratio LED display, size 600×337.5mm, this product will target the small pixel LED display market

16:9 Golden Ratio LED Display

Internal structure, small-pitch LED display is small in size and light in weight, can withstand high-intensity mechanical shock and vibration, is not easy to break, has an average life of 200,000 hours, and the life of the bulb can reach 10-20 years, which can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of LED lights , to avoid the pain of frequent replacement of lamp beads

The refresh rate can go up to 3,840Hz. Support fast decoding and response. Eliminates visible lines and noise when shooting with a digital camera. Provide a clear and smooth visual experience.
16-bit processing helps deliver excellent grayscale performance and vibrant colors regardless of screen brightness.

Vivid Colours

Front maintenance is a key engineering requirement for small-pitch LED displays. The thickness can be greatly reduced. Rear maintenance access can be eliminated to prevent dust accumulation and damage to electronic components or PCB boards. Modules can be quickly replaced by vacuum suction tools to ensure maintenance efficiency.

Front maintenance led dsiplay

No screen noise

An aluminum backplate helps ensure effective heat dissipation. Zero noise ensures friendlier operation as no fans are required in the cabinet. In addition, it effectively reduces the power consumption of the display. Can reduce operating costs.

Seamless splicing design, fast locking, simple internal wiring, and perfect cabinet splicing. The LED display has no gaps and the LED screen is super flat.
The aluminum shell is manufactured by high-precision CNC machine tools, which is light, strong and corrosion-resistant. Aluminum housing controllers have flat pin tolerances within 0.05mm. The flatness of the LED screen allows viewers to enjoy the best viewing experience.

Excellent Surface Flatness

Support multiple installation methods
Full front LED video wall design. Modules, power supplies, receiving cards, cables and other components can be replaced from the front for easy installation and maintenance.
It perfectly fits different architectural curves and expands the possibilities of display composition. Easily build LED walls and digital displays in Full HD, 2K or 4K UHD resolution.

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