400*300 Front Maintenance Aluminum Alloy Die-casting Cabinet

Small Pitch LED Display

Model: P1.25,P1.56,P1.66 ,P1.92,P2,P2.5
Material: Die Casting Aluminum
Cabinet Size: 400×300mm
Service Way: Front
Waterproof Levle: IP33
Quality Warranty: 5 Years
CE,RoHS,FCC Approved
High definition 400mx300mm Front Maintenance Small Pixel LED Display with front service available, High Flatness, High quality, High Reliability, High Refresh Rate 3840hz and 4:3 Golden Ratio HD led screen LED Video Wall. Specially designed for small pixel pitch LED display applications.

Product Introduction

4:3 cabinet size design, 400*300mm size, high flatness, easy to install and disassemble, REISSOPTO 400*300mm small cabinet size, ultra-light and space-saving, using 200mm*150mm, high-quality high-refresh rate LED display panel . Front service HD LED display.

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