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LED Poster Screen

Thin and light design, small installation space, excellent visual display, adjustable rear bracket, intelligent cloud management, multiple installation methods, support floor-mounted, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted installation. It also supports multiple control modes, including USB, WIFI, 4G/5G, APP and HDMI input signals. The main features are ultra-thin, interchangeable modules, and easy control. Widely used in airports, high-speed rail stations, subway stations, hotels, banks, hospitals, shopping malls, etc., can help you better attract customers' attention and increase advertising exposure.

Product Introduction

Support USB, WIFI or 4G, Lan, APP control to play;
Support multiple splicing large screen to meet more advertisements and events;
Support intelligent cluster management &control , support remote centralize management, auditing, play and control.
Support standing, wall mounted hanging and creative DIY as horizontal and vertical installation.
Plug and play, Any video automatically plays full screen, zero setting , quick and simple.

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REISSOPTO Digital LED poster, as a kind of smart LED display, also known as digital roll-up display and LED banner, is widely used in rental and commercial displays to replace traditional folding banners. Our digital LED posters deliver striking high-contrast images at almost any viewing distance with a 3mm pixel pitch and can be viewed from 6-8 meters, providing vivid and colorful visualization of content. We also provide P2 and P2.5 LED posters to meet different applications.

As the name suggests, indoor poster LED screens are widely used in posters in shopping malls, fashion stores, exhibitions, hotel lobbies, bank lobbies, etc. The LED poster display is simple in structure and easy to operate, and is used for advertising, information release, and product display. Our company designs this poster screen and launches new products from time to time.


640mmx1920mm Standard Size Cabinet

640mmx1920mm Standard Size Cabinet
Suitable for 320x160mm Standard Size Modules

Slim and Lightweight Design

This kind of LED poster screen has been specially designed for lightweight, and the box frame and LED components focus on reliability and portability.
Most of the slim and lightweight designs make the products easy to move and suitable for use in tight spaces.
One-person operation, convenient transportation, saving labor cost and time.


There are two ways of maintenance including
frontal maintenance and back maintenance.

Intelligent Cluster Management & Control

-Support remote centralize management, auditing, play and control.
It is the precision marketing tool that multiply the advertising value


SMD Performance and View Angle
Better contrast ratio and viewing performance
Wide viewing angle increasing its value by covering more viewing

The refresh rate can go up to 3,840Hz. Support fast decoding and response. Eliminates visible lines and noise when shooting with a digital camera. Provide a clear and smooth visual experience.
16-bit processing helps deliver excellent grayscale performance and vibrant colors regardless of screen brightness.

Vivid Colours

Seamless Splicing

REISSOPTO LED Poster Screen is designed with quick connectors, and can be connected
with other screens to form a large one seamlessly to play as one big screen, offering seamless display performance for better visual effect.

Plug and Play Digital LED Poster Signs

Plug and play solution, through USB, LED posters can automatically play videos, pictures, text and other programs.

Once the plug is connected, there is no need to repeat work such as software settings.

With simple settings, unique design, and user-friendly software, LED Poster is a very suitable LED display product for end users.

High Resolution LED Poster Display

Smart LED poster best-selling models
Sufficient for regular activities and applications
P2/P2.5 LED poster resolution and definition are higher
More suitable for high-end markets and applications

High refresh rate, perfect visual performance
Built-in Video Processor for LED Poster Displays
6 pieces of 16:9 golden ratio screen
10 HD 1080P screens

Smart Cloud Management

Poster LED Display supports both synchronous & asynchronous control system, and the contents can be updated via iPad, Phone or Notebook. Real-time play, cross-platform information delivering, USB or WIFI supporting and IOS or Android multi-devices. Besides, it can support the built-in media player to store and play videos and images in all formats.

3 Ways To Control

Update your digital content in our built-in media player via WiFi or USB. 5GB of built-in storage supports almost all video and image formats. There are also HDMI inputs and outputs to allow external computers, using third-party media for synchronization

Easy To Operate

Connect the poster to your Android tablet or smartphone via Wifi. This APP can identify and manage the basic settings of the poster, such as "adjust brightness, on/off, upload playlist, change network settings.

If you have any requirements for the packing boxes, you can customize them according to your requirements!

Package-use flight case,easy for moving

First use carton and foam separate screen, anti-collision scratch
Then it is shipped in wooden cases for multiple protection of the screen

Multiple Installation Methods
The unit poster LED display supports a variety of installation methods. This product is suitable for bracket vertical installation, base installation, Hoisting or hanging installation, multi-level cascading installation, creative installation, etc.
Installing the screen is quick and easy with no steel structure required.

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