PA Series

Poster LED Display

- It can disassemble quickly for easy moving by a flight case on wheels.
- It can make a big LED screen with several poster screens.
- Poster screen made with 640x480mm cabinets use indoors, front service , pixel pitch option : P3.07, P2.5, P2.
- Poster screen made with 640x640mm cabinets use both indoor and outdoor, rear service, outdoor hight brightness pixel pitch option: P4, P3.07, P2.5. Indoor pixel pitch option: P3.07, P2.5, P2
- It can be made a rental or a advertising LED display with those 640x640mm or 640x480mm cabinets too, it is a mutifunctional products.
- Novstar T controller , wireless control with wifi by smartphone or laptop.

Product Introduction

Support USB, WIFI or 4G, Lan, APP control to play;
Support multiple splicing large screen to meet more advertisements and events;
Support intelligent cluster management &control , support remote centralize management, auditing, play and control.
Support standing, wall mounted hanging and creative DIY as horizontal and vertical installation.
Plug and play, Any video automatically plays full screen, zero setting , quick and simple.

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REISSOPTO Ultra-thin design, small installation space, excellent visual display, adjustable rear bracket, intelligent cloud management, and multiple installation methods.

P1.8 P2 P2.5 P3 P4 Multifunctional Poster LED Display 640×1920 Stand Equipped with our latest design stand. Universal wheels are installed at the bottom of the stand for easy movement. The bracket can be easily adjusted from 80 to 90 degrees, and we can use the 640x640mm die-casting box to fix and install the rear maintenance screen or rental hanging screen.


Quick Assembly

Three 640×640 rental screens or fixed screens can be quickly assembled into a multi-functional poster screen.

Excellent heat dissipation performance

Advanced controllers can be easily replaced depending on the resolution of the combined larger screen.

Adjustable Stand

PA series multifunctional poster LED screen bracket can be easily adjusted from 80 to 90 degrees to meet various viewing angle requirements.

Easy to move with wheels

4 wheels are located at the bottom of the multifunctional poster screen stand for easy movement.


SMD Performance and View Angle
Better contrast ratio and viewing performance
Wide viewing angle increasing its value by covering more viewing

The refresh rate can go up to 3,840Hz. Support fast decoding and response. Eliminates visible lines and noise when shooting with a digital camera. Provide a clear and smooth visual experience.
16-bit processing helps deliver excellent grayscale performance and vibrant colors regardless of screen brightness.

Vivid Colours

Quickly combine larger screens

The multi-function poster screen can be used independently for a single poster screen.
Multiple single poster screens can be quickly combined into one larger screen.

Smart Cloud Management
The unit poster LED screen supports both synchronous and asynchronous control systems. The content of the LED screen can be updated through iPad, mobile phone, PC computer or notebook.
Support real-time playback, cross-platform publishing, USB or WIFI.
Support IOS or Android device operation.
Support built-in media player to store and play content.

3 ways to control

Update your digital content in our built-in media player via WiFi or USB. 5GB of built-in storage supports almost all video and image formats. There are also HDMI inputs and outputs to allow external computers, using third-party media for synchronization

easy to operate

Connect the poster to your Android tablet or smartphone via Wifi. This APP can identify and manage the basic settings of the poster, such as "adjust brightness, on/off, upload playlist, change network settings.

Multiple installation methods
The unit poster LED display supports a variety of installation methods. This product is suitable for bracket vertical installation, base installation,
Hoisting or hanging installation, multi-level cascading installation, creative installation, etc.
Installing the screen is quick and easy with no steel structure required.

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