480x480mm HD Small Pitch LED Display

REISSOPTO product features a number of qualities that make it a reliable and efficient display solution for your business needs. We have incorporated high-quality components and a backup system that ensures 24/7 functionality and stability. Our display technology provides perfect gray-scale performance even at low brightness levels, delivering sharp and clear visuals. Our fine-tuning technology provides seamless splicing and uniformity, resulting in consistent picture quality. Additionally, our display features a high refresh rate that guarantees no streaks in images. To enhance visibility during bright light conditions, we have installed black fog lamps and a light-absorbing mask, ensuring a non-reflective display. Furthermore, our product is intelligent and automatically adjusts brightness based on ambient light conditions, providing a seamless viewing experience.

Product Introduction

Integrated and die-casting cabinet, solid and reliable. The cabinet is equipped with fast assembly connection which can make screen disassembled fastly. Meanwhile, it is designed with automatic alignment mechanism which can realize fast installation by single person.

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The 480x480A/B series indoor LED display is an entry-level model suitable for indoor use in shopping malls, advertisements, conferences, etc. It is well-received with HD resolution and provides excellent uniformity. Flawless, pristine images with excellent layers. Have a complete display hardware system. It realizes the possibility of mass production and fast delivery service, and effectively reduces the purchase cost of users.

UHD Rental LED Display

480x480A/B series small-pitch LED display, adopts ultra-thin cabinet design, 480*480mm small size cabinet, double service panel, high refresh rate SMD LED, providing high-definition visual experience.

Light Weight And Small Size

480*480mm small size box, ultra-thin and lightweight design, easy to carry and disassemble. Not only save space, but also save labor costs.

Perfect Structure

REISSOPTO 480*480mm fine-pitch LED display adopts a perfect box design, top and side quick locks for fast connection, top and side handles for easy carrying and operation, stable power and signal connectors, etc.

Horizontal Angle 160° Vertical Angle 140°

A wide viewing angle increases its value by covering more of the field of view. Viewed from five directions, it is still a natural and clear image of the LED display.

indoor fixed led display iron cabinet

Wide Viewing Angle

Improve display quality with REISSOPTO LED technology. Displays have high color rendering, color reproduction, and low-gray detail. High-gray scale with 100CD/sqm brightness. LED video walls have high contrast with black surface lights and unique black mask processing.

Dual Maintenance Service

480x480A/B series high-definition LED screen adopts front and rear service design. With a magnet-style LED screen panel, the LED display can be quickly accessed from the front. Easy to operate and install.

Seamless Display, Better Visual Effect

The high-precision aluminum box frame seamlessly splices images and video displays, providing you with the perfect visual experience you want from any angle. Perfect visual effects with high-definition quality and true color reproduction.

To properly install a small-pitch indoor fixed LED display, it is important to follow a series of precise steps. Firstly, choose the location and measure the area carefully. Secondly, select the most appropriate LED display for your space and prepare the wall adequately. Thirdly, install the mounting bracket and LED display with attention to detail. Fourthly, connect the power supply and test the display, making any necessary adjustments. When installing, ensure that the area can support the weight of the display, and create a custom mounting structure if required. Precisely install the LED display modules and connect them to the power supply and control system following the wiring diagram provided by the manufacturer. Finally, test the display for quality and finalize the installation by carefully securing all wiring, and ensuring display calibration. As with any electrical installation, always follow safety guidelines and seek professional advice if unsure.

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