Outdoor Advertising

Curved Corner Right Angle Outdoor Advertising

The curved outdoor LED screens can be used to create curved bends around corners. These curved panels can be used in conjunction with the modular LED screens to create the transition from a flat surface smoothly around a corner.

1. High brightness, clear image under sunlight
2. Good waterproof IP65, anti-corrosion, anti-fog, dust-proof
3. High brightness up to 6000CD, can be viewed at a distance of 100m
4. Adopt high-quality Epistar LED to maintain high quality, low light decay, and energy saving
5. The brightness can be automatically adjusted according to different environments, and it can be set to automatically turn on and off the screen to fix
6. The outdoor LED display can be fixed on the wall, on the street, on the roof of the building, or it can be hung and rented to meet the requirements of live broadcast, meeting site, banquet, party, etc., to display the content you want, through video, graphics, animation, etc. It can be connected with a PC computer or network, and can also be remotely controlled with a synchronization system.
7. The size, shape and material of the LED advertising display cabinet can be customized according to different projects

Product Introduction

Outdoor waterproof LED displays are designed to withstand harsh weather and provide high-quality visuals in outdoor environments. They are water and dust resistant and have high brightness levels, with wide viewing angles. They are energy efficient, can be remotely managed and are durable with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours or more. Overall, outdoor waterproof LED displays are ideal for outdoor advertising, entertainment, and other applications where durability, visibility, and high-quality visuals are critical.

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REISS OPTO Customized corner modules to eliminate black lines at sharp corners of the screen Invisible edges provide enhanced visual appearance and panoramic exposure.

High color contrast and consistency. high brightness to ensure gooddisplay result.

In order to meet the corner angles of different installations, the corner series now supports a variety of installation surface angles, including 90°, 115° and 135°, and supports a variety of customized angle designs.



Outdoor led module

Our outdoor LED screen has stable and quality components, allowing it to operate 24/7 in any weather condition. Our screen includes components such as grade A LED lamps for high brightness, a high refresh driving IC for screen frequency up to 3,840Hz, and a low operating voltage for power saving. We use a custom molding module mask for superior contrast and protect, as well as other measures that contribute to our product line's stability and reliability. Our LED screen display's high refresh rate driving IC ensures that there will be no unpleasant horizontal lines on the screen captured on a photo. We use only high-quality LED lamps for our products from suppliers like Nationstar and Kinglight. Our screen is made to last longer, giving our customers greater ROI than other, no-brand or sub-standard products.

Super Wide Viewing Angle
The display features a wide viewing angle of 140° horizontal and 140° in vertical. The picture quality remains seamless in all direction and at a distance, presenting all viewers the same highly quality outputs.

Super Wide Viewing Angle
Delicate Cabinet Design

The outdoor fixed full LED display product is light in weight, the LED display has a quick locking function, and the structure is compact.
Easy to install, no gaps. Humanized handle design makes it easier to move the cabinet.

The ability to be folded into different shape help to bring designers′ imagination on the screen.

Front or Rear Accessible, Easy and Convenient.
Multifunctional module buckle design-easily adjusting gaps betweenmodule and cabinet, ensuring smoothness and alignment of LED face.
Real-time monitoring on operating status.Automatic fault diagnosis, positioning and warning of failures.
Independent connection between control board and modules. Single module failure not impacting others.
Self-developed calibration technology. Point-by-point calibration ensures LED display consistency.
Intelligent control and player system by cloud technology.Timely managing real-time information on operating status and potential fault.

Curved Corner led display
Curved Corner led display

The IP65 rating serves as a testament to the superior waterproofing and weather durability provided by the product. This certification is an assurance of the device's protection from dust and water ingress, ensuring reliable and consistent operation in challenging outdoor conditions. Through this rating, customers can trust in the quality and durability of the product, knowing that it has undergone rigorous testing and meets industry standards. We are proud to offer a product that provides exceptional performance and reliability, and we are confident that it will meet the demands of even the most challenging weather conditions.

4 high-quality cooling fans installed in each cabinet
High-quality waterproof sealing strips can ensure that users do not need to worry about the risk of water ingress during normal use.

High Efficieny Cooling

Open holes

Open holes on the top, bottom, side, and sides of the cabinets so that the network cables and power cables connected between the cabinets can pass through here. This way the outside of the cabinet will be very tidy with no extra wires in sight.

High quality black led lamp for high contrast, high grey level

High grey level make the display images more vivid.

High Refresh rate
Outdoor Fixed installation method

Outdoor fixed LED displays can be installed using three methods: wall-mounted, pole-mounted, or freestanding. Wall-mounted displays are installed directly onto a flat surface using brackets and screws. Pole-mounted displays are installed on vertical structures and are used for displays that need to be installed at a height. Freestanding displays are placed in open spaces and are mounted onto a standalone structure. It is important to ensure that the display is securely mounted and that all cables and connections are properly installed and protected from environmental factors. It is recommended to hire a professional installer who has experience with outdoor display installations to ensure a safe and successful installation.

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