RFC Series (500 x 250mm Module)

High Protection Aluminum cabinet Panel Design, Front service design for easy installation and disassembly, Energy Saving LED Screen, multi-usage with kinds of installations.

RFC Series High-quality LED Display is UNIT latest outdoor fixed LED display with front service function, Unique cabinet design with 1000*1000mm size, High-quality 500*250mm LED display module. Ultra low heat, high efficiency and energy saving.

Product Introduction

The use of outdoor waterproof LED displays offers significant advantages for individuals and businesses requiring reliable and durable digital signage. These displays are created to endure harsh weather conditions, delivering high-quality visuals in outdoor environments. They have been designed to be water and dust resistant, with the addition of high brightness levels and wide viewing angles, making them perfectly suited for a range of applications. In addition to being energy efficient, these displays can be remotely managed, further improving their ease of use. With a long lifespan of up to 100,000 hours or more, outdoor waterproof LED displays can provide excellent value and return on investment, making them ideal for outdoor advertising and entertainment purposes.

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