Sport Stadium Perimeter LED Display

    Outdoor and indoor stadium fence led display/football perimeter led Panel/stadium electronic advertising With UEFA Criteria

  • Dual Backup
  • High Refresh
  • Adiustable bracket
  • Protective top cover
  • Rubber module mask
  • Quick lock 8 fast assembly
  • Independent RCD Protection
  • Indicator & One key detection
  • Rotating Design for Emergency
  • Professional Sofware PM Player

Product Introduction

This security box is designed with a unique structure that can rotate forward in emergencies, ensuring audience safety. It is CE standard-compliant and has a perfect solution for faulty parts, which can be quickly replaced with minimal impact on other parts. The seamless splicing technology offers excellent heat dissipation performance, making it especially suitable for sports fields, such as football fields.

Sports hall LED display
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REISSOPTO Stadium LED scoreboards are a highly interactive technology that can present images, movies, and player performances with magical effects. The technology is easy to use and has mobile or remote control applications. They provide a versatile and stunning experience for users and viewers. The LED scoreboard is waterproof, affordable and can be used in all types of games like football, hockey, cricket, football, basketball, wrestling, etc. due to its excellent performance.

LED perimeter screens are used by sports clubs and companies that own sports infrastructure installed in sports venues both outdoors and indoors. They are commonly used in: Stadiums, gymnasiums, racetracks, multi-purpose sports facilities, racetracks and other professional sports applications.

1. Bright colors, high contrast, good consistency, high brightness, and maintain high resolution of the video under sunlight.
2. The cabinet adopts CNC technology to process with high precision, and the flatness of the whole screen is less than 0.2mm. The connection frame steel structure is adopted, which is very convenient for installation and maintenance.
3. 60-70% energy saving, the red LED is powered by 2.8V, and the blue and green LEDs are powered by 3.8V, which makes the screen work stably and prolongs the service life.
4. Use PFC high-efficiency power supply to ensure continuous power supply for the screen.


Cabinet tilt angle adjustable
The LED display screen is set vertically, the tilt angle can be adjusted, and the cabinet body can be adjusted from 60° to 90° to get the best viewing and camera shooting angle.

Protective Top Cover and Rubber Module Mask
Protective top cover protect players from injury. Rubber module mask protect LED from ball and players striking.

Solid, Compact, Strong Cabinet Design For All Weather and Prevent form Any External Attacks
it can be stacked two or three cabinets high with steel structure on the back.

Rotating Design with Wheels for Emergency Exit
Stadium perimeter LED display with rotating base and wheels for emergency exit for perimeter LED display installation in stadium.

Energy Saving Stadium Perimeter LED Display
1)Using high efficiency IC driver
2) improved PCB design
3)Power conversion efficiency

SMD Performance and View Angle
Better contrast ratio and viewing performance
Wide viewing angle increasing its value by covering more viewing

Super Wide Viewing Angle
Vivid Colours

The refresh rate can go up to 3,840Hz. Support fast decoding and response. Eliminates visible lines and noise when shooting with a digital camera. Provide a clear and smooth visual experience.
16-bit processing helps deliver excellent grayscale performance and vibrant colors regardless of screen brightness.

The protection level of the box is as high as IP65, and the fully sealed box is weatherproof, dustproof, and moisture-proof.
The protection level of the LED display is raised to a new level.

Convenient connections enable easy and fast installation
The cabinets feature with exquisite designs, making them easy-to-install and disassemble, The cabinets include side interlocks, as well as external signal and power fast connectors.

Front / Rear Access

If there is a problem, replace the module in 10 seconds. quick replacement quick maintenance
① Remove the damaged module with a screwdriver
② Replace the damaged module with a new module
③ Fasten the screws of the new module
④ Maintenance completed

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