Stadium Perimeter LED Display

Outdoor and Indoor Stadium Fence LED Display/Soccer Perimeter LED Panel/Sports Electronic Advertising Complies with UEFA Standard

LED displays play an important role in stadiums around the world, such as perimeter LED displays, scoreboards, and displays that show real-time updates, statistics, advertisements, and more.

Product Introduction

Stadium LED displays replace traditional sponsor advertising, showing vibrant video ads and saving costs. They have a unique structure and are widely used in sports for football perimeter screens, scoreboards, and multi-function displays.

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REISSOPTO Stadium Perimeter LED Display IP65 Waterproof with Rear Service Module, Adjustable Rear Stand, Soft Pillow and Quick Lock. All these features ensure that the LED screens for sports venues can adapt to various stadium environments.

Football Stadium LED Display 960×960 Outdoor Football LED Screens Perimeter Advertising Billboard


Stadium LED display products are light in weight, have a quick locking function, compact structure, easy installation, and no gaps.
The humanized handle design makes it easier for you to move the cabinet.

The LED display screen around the stadium adopts humanized design soft screen mask and rubber protective film, which can protect the players from injury during the football match. Workers can use bottom wheels to more easily move LED panels to the other side of the stadium

Stadium periemter LED display bracket support multi angle(0-90°) adjustment according to football stadium actual site.

Stadium perimeter LED screen can be transportation friendly, saving space and shipping cost

The LED screens around the stadium can be used indoors and outdoors. The waterproof level is as high as lP65, even if it is an open-air court, it can be used in rainy and snowy days.

Seamless and well aligned
The product has high brightness, high refresh rate and high IP level, suitable for indoor and outdoor stadiums in different countries;

SMD Performance and Viewing Angle
Better contrast and viewing performance Wide viewing angle increases its value by covering more viewing area


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