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Customized lrregular sphere ball led screen

Spherical LED display is a creative LED display, which is an important milestone in the development of LED display. With the characteristics of multiple splicing display, flexible special-shaped display, uniform display, high-definition image without distortion, etc., the spherical LED display has high commercial value. Widely used in multimedia fields such as shopping malls, popular science exhibitions, concerts, theaters, TV studios, and creative exhibition halls. DDW Display is your ideal custom LED display supplier. Regardless of different sizes and creative shapes, we can provide one-stop customized LED display solutions according to your actual on-site needs

Product Introduction

Sphere led display, unlike the conventional led display, it allows the audience to view 360° from a full angle of view.
The irregular & creative design will be more attractive ideal for some places such as casinos, museums, hotels, shopping malls.
With the newest technology, the whole screen can reach seamless connection with the ball shape, and it presenting more vivid and creative visuals. bring more for advertisers.

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REISSOPTO Flexible LED billboards are seamlessly spliced, and the splicing error between flexible LED screen walls is controlled within plus or minus 0.1mm. Save 83% on shipping and installation costs with this soft LED panel. Maintenance and replacement are very easy for most users.

Flexible LED Screen can be designed for special-shaped occasions, such as cylinder, wave, bendand more creative solutions, more flexible. We canalso make matched cabinet if needed.


Flexible LED module can be spliced into circular, wavycurved and cylindrical shapes at will

Ultra-Light and Ultra-Thin
Reduce the weight and cost of the LED display, the module weight is only 24 grams

The ultra-thin body makes the whole screen beautiful and attractive.

Our unique flexible LED screen wall saves on installation and shipping costs

Optional cabinet solutions.

360 Degree Bendable
The flexible LED display module is soft and curved. Curved and cylindrical shapes are popular for flexible LED screens.

Thanks to its 360° bendable design, it can be any creative and custom shape for tailor-made solutions.

SMD Performance and View Angle
Better contrast ratio and viewing performance
Wide viewing angle increasing its value by covering more viewing


Vivid Colours

The refresh rate can go up to 3,840Hz. Support fast decoding and response. Eliminates visible lines and noise when shooting with a digital camera. Provide a clear and smooth visual experience.
16-bit processing helps deliver excellent grayscale performance and vibrant colors regardless of screen brightness.

Tailor-made designs and solutions

The modules are small in size and flexible in design, making it possible to make more complex shapes for video presentations.
Cylindrical, S-shaped, wavy, spherical and other creative designs and solutions
This kind of LED soft screen can be designed with various effects such as rolling, bending, and swinging according to the needs of customers. No box metal frame, greatly reducing the weight of the screen

Magnet Paste, Easy To Install
The magnet is properly adjusted to ensure flatness. Each module has multiple strong magnets on the back. During the assembly process, it only needs to be pasted on the surface of the frame. When the surface of the frame is uneven and there are gaps, it can be adjusted flexibly. We can also easily delete modules and restore them.

Magnetic Front Service Design
Thanks to the magnetic design,it can be easily attached to any metal surface/structure, saving frame. space and maintenance costs.
With speclal tools, front-end maintenance can be completed, which is convenient and quick.

Multiple Installation Modes

Flexible LED screens are versatile and can be installed in different modes such as curved, hanging, wall-mounted, floor, and portable. Curved installation enhances the visual impact of content by wrapping the display around pillars or columns. Hanging installation is ideal for trade shows, concerts, and other events to create an eye-catching display. Wall-mounted installation creates a modern, sleek look, making it suitable for retail stores, museums, and public spaces. Floor installation is interactive and can be walked on or interacted with, making it perfect for museums and trade shows. Portable installation is easily disassembled and transported, making it ideal for temporary installations such as pop-up stores and exhibitions. Overall, flexible LED screens offer multiple installation options, making them versatile and suitable for various applications.

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