What is LED display module?


LED display module is an essential component of a finished LED display. It is composed of LED lights, PCB circuit boards, driver ICs, resistors, capacitors, and plastic kits. The classification of LED display modules can be made based on luminous color, the use of space, use of lamp beads, and pixel pitch. For instance, LED display modules can be monochromatic or full-color, and they can be used indoors, semi-outdoors, or outdoors.

Furthermore, these modules are available in various pixel pitches such as p10, p4, p7.62, p5, p8, p12, p16, and p20. LED displays have multiple functions, including product promotion, storefront decoration, lighting, knowledge dissemination, bulletin board functions, atmosphere setting, and warnings. Merchants set up billboards with the goal of publicizing product information, attracting target customers, and maximizing profits, making LED billboards an ideal choice for corporate publicity.