LED Lamps

Most designers believe that all LED products have the same quality, but there are many LED manufacturers and suppliers, especially the Asian ones that provide low-cost LED products worldwide. Interestingly, only a few of these manufacturers produce high-quality LED products. Applications that only serve as simple indicators can use low-quality LEDs as they will suffice to satisfy their requirements. 


However, high-quality LEDs are necessary for many fields that necessitate consistency, reliability, solid-state indication, or lighting, particularly in harsh environments like highways, aviation/military, and industrial applications. In environments such as New York subway stations, safety requirements are very stringent, and the LEDs must meet high-quality standards. Several factors differentiate the quality of LEDs, and selecting high-quality ones begins with the chip and continues until the assembly is complete, with numerous factors to consider along the way. The chemical materials utilized in the wafer production process are essential factors in determining the performance indicators of LEDs. Hence, 


LED manufacturing companies must utilize high-quality manufacturing materials to produce excellent wafers that, in turn, produce excellent chips. High-quality LED manufacturers have the ability to manufacture quality chips consistently, classify, and package LEDs based on color, brightness, voltage drop and viewing angle. To avoid downtime and ensure reliable LED performance, OEM manufacturers should avoid using mixed packaging products for high-end and quality demanding applications.

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