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Events LED Display

LED screens for stage events, conferences, concerts, etc.
large-screen LED display will make each seat the best seat in the mobile home! high-definition LED screen video wall actually makes every viewing angle great. Our LED screen is customizable, so we can personalize our LED video wall according to the needs of your venue or event. high-resolution LED display can bring amazing video clarity and vitality to any event.

[Application field]: events, professional stage

[Pixel pitch]: 2.976mm

[Screen area]: 170 square meters

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[Project introduction]: P2.976 activity LED display project area is 170 square meters. The screen is clear and soft, with a wide viewing angle, and a perfect viewing angle. P2.976 indoor stage led full color screen, gray level> 16Bit; pixel density 65536 dots/m2; refresh frequency> 3840HZ.