Ultimate Guide For Commercial LED Display

REISS is proud to be a leading provider of innovative, flexible and feature-rich Commercial Display Products  in the market.

We provide the ultimate visual presentation and high-quality advertising display, which greatly attracted the attention of the audience.

While the new era of the digital age has arrived, and its influence is growing.

That is the reason for more and more LED display companies and commercial advertising agencies invest in digital LED advertising boards in prime locations.

This has become symbols of Times Square in New York, Leicester Square in London and downtown Tokyo, and has fully demonstrated the success of placement and interactive outdoor billboard advertising.

Outdoor led displays
Stage LED display

Benefits of LED Advertising Display

With the rapid development of LED display technology and cheaper purchase costs, commercial LED displays have become the preferred media solutions for brand promotion and advertising activities.

Compared with traditional print advertising, outdoor LED screens can bring unparalleled advantages as below:

Wide variety of advertisement contents

LED billboards can display any type of advertising content, such as text, images, videos, TV signals, camera signals, etc.

Besides, the commercial LED display can divide into several parts to display different content.

So that it can maximize the commercial value of the advertising location, and provide a better advertising quality and wider audience.

Higher brightness and vivid color

The advertisements on the LED advertising boards are more likely to be seen and moved by potential customers.

The high brightness and bright colors of the LED display gives better quality and stronger visual impact on passers-by.

It is easier to attract more potential customers, and to better promote the brand.

Intelligent advertisement management platform

It can upload hundreds of advertisements to LED advertising screen management software and runs automatically as scheduled.

And it can customize the sequence to run for each advertisement, which is more convenient and can accelerates the return on investment.

Durable and profitable LED billboard

With more advanced and mature LED technology now,  the life of LED billboards now is more than 100,000 hours.

And for outdoor LED screens, it can withstand any severe weather conditions and has excellent stability.

On the other hand, outdoor print advertising is less elastic and has to replace frequently.

So in long run, LED advertising screens are more profitable and more economical.

To be honest, REISS has a very comprehensive product line that can be used for indoor and outdoor commercial advertising.

Whether V-shaped, curved or any other shapes, we can install at per your customization.

Application of LED advertising screen

At present, LED displays have entered our daily lives and decorated our cities with colorful images.

As an integrated modular industrial product, LED advertising boards can be customized according to a specific installation environment to meet any type of application.

And the following are the most common applications of LED displays.

1. Commercial advertising campaign

Benefiting from the natural advantages of LED displays, the main function of LED advertising boards is to display advertisements and profit from them.

Such outdoor LED screens are easy to capture on the exterior walls of shopping malls, building tops, major highways and even bus stations. These people are crowded and have a good view of the outdoor LED screens.

2. Information display window

Due to the modular design, there are no restrictions on the size and resolution of the LED display.

This is why we can always see huge LED billboard displays sitting in stock exchanges, airports, train stations and bus stations to display real-time data feedback as information display windows.

Somehow, these places (except the stock exchange) are also great for displaying commercial advertisements. Where there are crowds, there are advertisements.

3. Brand promotion & corporate image enhancing

Another major application of LED displays is in real estate, amusement parks, resorts and company showrooms.

Unlike commercial advertising activities, the LED displays in these places are mainly used to display company videos, product or program demonstrations, and internal.

Facilities to promote your own brand or service, etc.

LED displays are widely used in all walks of life. Where large video screens are needed, they can be LED displays.

After all, it still belongs to the monitor category, and if needed, it could be a huge monitor.

How the LED advertising screen can be controlled

According to the signal transmission mode, the control of outdoor LED display can be divided into two types:

  1. Synchronous control
  2. Asynchronous control.

This is the difference between them.

1. Synchronous control

Synchronous control means that the LED advertising screen will display text, images or video from the control computer or other input devices (such as TV signals, cameras or VCRs, etc.).

Real-time signal transmission requires that the LED advertising screen is always connected to the control computer or video processor.

If the connection fails, the LED advertising display will lose signal and display nothing.

Synchronous control is widely used in commercial LED advertising displays, rental LED displays, sports LED displays and other large format LED displays.

2. Asynchronous control

The asynchronous control LED advertising screen can work independently, without always maintaining the connection with the control computer.

A computer is only needed if you want to edit the content of the ad.

For installations where the control computer is far away from the LED advertising screen or the installation location is difficult to wire, asynchronous control is an ideal choice.

This control method is usually used for small-sized LED displays, roadside LED displays or outdoor advertising LED displays.

Intelligent devices for LED advertising LED display

As a high-value industrial product, LED advertising displays can be compatible with other equipment or software to achieve some very practical functions.

This will make your LED display system more reliable and easier to manage. The following are some devices recommended for your LED display.

Light sensor

For outdoor LED advertising displays, the ambient brightness varies greatly during the day and night.

If the LED display runs at the preset brightness all day long, it will be too bright or too dark.

Too bright will cause light pollution, be unfriendly to the eyes and consume more energy.

If it is too dark, the image quality of the advertisement will be affected, and the sponsor is not satisfied with it.

For this awkward situation, the solution is to use a light sensor.

It will automatically adjust the brightness of the display as the ambient light conditions change, and help to achieve a perfect balance between visual experience and commercial value.

Intelligent monitor card

As an advertising operator, it is very necessary to monitor the working status of all your LED advertising screens and ensure that they are in a normal operating state for displaying advertising.

But how would you easily do this? CCTV may be a solution, but it is outdated and inoperable.

The solution we recommend is intelligent monitor card.

Monitor card

If a monitoring card is installed in the cabinet, the working status of the cabinet will be monitored.

For example, cabinet temperature, humidity and smoke, power supply, electric fan and module status.

If any failure occurs, it will be displayed on your management platform in real time.

This allows rapid problem diagnosis and quick maintenance.

Multifunction card

The multi-function card can be integrated with light sensor and temperature sensor to capture environmental conditions and adjust the parameters of the LED advertising display to ensure that it runs under the best working conditions.

If the power distribution cabinet is used for the LED display, you can install a multi-function card in it to control the power on/off of the screen as planned to facilitate ventilator or air conditioning.

In addition, the multi-function card also integrates audio output, which can be connected to speakers or amplifiers.

Things should be done before purchasing LED display screen

If you are an importer in the local market, you can purchase transparent LED displays according to customer requirements.

However, if you are a newcomer and want to buy LED screens to run your own advertising company. Here are some tips for you.

Local market investigation

You should keep in mind a list of market information. For example, how many advertising companies are there in the market, how many outdoor LED screens they have, where the LED display is located, the pixel pitch and size of the screen, and so on. Then you will roughly understand which type of outdoor LED screen is suitable for your business.

In addition, you should also figure out the price advertisers are willing to pay for the campaign, check your existing customers, and predict how much you will have after having an outdoor LED screen.

Then, you will know which quality outdoor LED screen can meet your expectations and how long you can take back. If it turns out that this is a good thing.

Installation permit

Whether you are an importer or an end user, the progress of the installation license application will affect your entire purchase process, especially for outdoor installations.

Only after obtaining a license, you can purchase an LED display. Otherwise, even if you buy it, you can only store it in your warehouse.

If you install it without permission, it may be removed by the government.

For example, if you want to install an LED advertising screen on the outer wall of a building and facing the road.

Then you need to get permission from the building owner first, and then get permission from your community.

Finally, it may be the permission of the Road Administration or similar department.

Different regions and countries have different licensing policies.