TG Series

Glass transparent LED display

The Transparent LED Display is a great advertising solution. It offers 48-85% transparency allowing ventilation and natural lighting. Its slim design and Quick Locking System make it easy to transport and install quickly. It has an integrated power and data cable for easy installation. It's an indoor solution with high definition and brightness making it great for windows, glass walls, and event production. Its lightweight and thin design make it easy to deploy, and its high transparency gives a natural view behind the screen while providing clear content for day and nighttime passers-by.

Product Introduction

The thin size and ultra-lightweight modules makes it easy to carry, transport and install.You hardly need any specialized tools or skills to install it. Evervthing is inbuilt. and it can be installed within a few minutes using simple screw-driver.

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REISSOPTO Compare with the common led display, the transparent rate increase 70%.You can hardly see the body of screen but only the like image in the air.

1: High transparency with Over 70% transparency rate for front and back
2: Fast maintenance design, Wide Viewing angle
3: High Brightness, Noiseless working
4: Good daylighting and delicate decoration
5: Light, thin, strong structure
6: Fast Installation in 10 seconds to finish
7: Fast lock for cabinet connection
8: Ultra thin and light weight for transport.
9: Standard cabinet size with 500*500mm or 500*1000mm for choose.
10: Super thin design with only 40mm thickness
11: No need to change any Building Structure for installation.

High Transparent Rate

High transparency with Over 70% transparency rate for front and back. it will have no any effect on indoor "day lighting"! and You can hardly see the body of screen.

Delicated Structure

Ultra thin and light weight with thickness only 40mm and 15kg/m2 cabinet frame. easy for installtion and transport.


Fast maintenance design for disassemble and assemble.

Light,thin and durability

Colorlight SMD VS Traditional SMD

Factory Aging Test

On the basis of the traditional transparent screen, the transparent display film has improved the patch production process, lamp bead packaging, and control system.
The hollowed-out design minimizes view obstruction by structural members, maximizing perspective.

Light,Thin And Durability

Cabinet material is polymethyl methacrylate+Super composite material. high durability and tension resistance. Cabinet weight 14kg/sgm, thickness is 20mm which very lightweight and east install.

Modular Design

Cabinet adopt modular design can be fast install and only needs to change the module when there is problem. It is very easy and quick solve the problem.

Energy saving and environment friendly

10% of the power consumption of the traditional ordinary led display is as big. The real energy-saving led screen.

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