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LED display sales contract template


All retail users are acknowledging the following terms and service:

Refund policy

The purchaser may be entitled to a refund for any purchases made within 30 days in accordance to REISS OPTOELECTRONIC’S Return policy. The purchaser may not receive a refund under certain circumstances.

Order Cancellation

Cancellation of an order will be assessed with a restocking fee of 20% of the original purchase value as stated in  REISS OPTOELECTRONIC Cancellation Policy.

Extended Warranty

Extend your Warranty to 5 years by filling out the extended warranty form and returning to REISS OPTOELECTRONIC Standard Warranty expires after 2 year.

Additional Content (Message or Animation)

The first content of messages, images or video are provided free with a purchase of a Full Color LED Sign. For any PC controlled LED signs, additional content requested will be charged per Text, Animation, or Video. Remote Controlled LED Signs are given preprogrammed animations and images, and no additional content will be inserted. Contact  REISS OPTOELECTRONIC’S Customer Service to request additional content.

On-Site Installation

 REISS OPTOELECTRONIC may, on occasion, come on-site for local LED Sign Installation within 20 miles of Chenkse Technology Limited. Installation charges will apply for on-site installation.  REISS OPTOELECTRONIC reserves the right to refuse installation service to anyone.