Square Column LED Display

Reiss mall square LED display

Square LED Screen is an impressive and eye-catching square column LED video wall, specially used for advertising or brand video.

The latest design of LED column energy – saving technology, no flicker, no gap, can provide high – quality image performance, and bring new visual experience to the audience. It is easy to install and maintain.

You can make different sizes to fit different places. We can carry out any new column display design according to the actual size.

LEDs are divided into indoor led display or outdoor led display types and are mainly used for fixed and mobile installations.

Use LED columns indoors, such as shopping malls, commercial centers, restaurants, nightclubs, coffee shops, golf clubs and other places.
Insert your ideas into this column through different design schemes ( such as LED cubes or more ).

Compared with the traditional rectangular LED screens, the Custom LED Square in the free – form surface display series provides multiple viewing surfaces. 

[ Application field ] : Commercial premises

[ Pixel pitch ] : P2.976 mm

[ Screen area ] : 550 square meters

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[ Project introduction ] : Square and other different types of pillars are installed, widely used on pillars such as shopping malls, parking lots, stations, etc., and are deeply loved by indoor and outdoor advertising media companies