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Reissopto builds high-definition outdoor LED screen for Korean mall, showing advantages of front maintenance

Recently, Reissopto provided a high-definition outdoor led screen for a shopping mall in South Korea, which was installed at the top of the entrance of the mall, attracting the attention of many customers.

This led screen uses a p4.8 pitch, with clear and delicate display effect, bright colors, and can maintain good visibility under direct sunlight. At the same time, this led screen also has the feature of front maintenance, that is, it can directly disassemble and install modules from the front of the screen, which is convenient and fast for maintenance and replacement, saving time and cost.

Reissopto is a professional led screen manufacturer, with many years of production experience and technical strength, providing customers with high-quality products and services. If you also want to have such an excellent led screen, please contact us!

How did Reissopto complete such a wonderful project? In fact, when installing this outdoor led display, Reissopto followed the following steps and precautions:

The first step: according to the site conditions and customer needs, design a suitable steel structure bracket and make it. The steel structure bracket is an important part that bears the weight of the led display and resists wind pressure and other external forces. It must be sturdy and firm, and do a good job of waterproofing at the connection with the building.

The second step: assemble the led display box on the steel structure bracket according to the prescribed order and direction, and fix it with screws. The box is the main part of the led display, containing core components such as LED modules, power supply, control card, etc.

The boxes should be aligned and flat, and ensure that the power lines, signal lines, etc. are connected correctly.

The third step: connect the led display to the control system hardware and perform power-on debugging. The control system hardware includes sending cards, receiving cards, fiber optic converters, etc., which are responsible for converting the computer’s signals into signals that the led display can recognize. When debugging with electricity, pay attention to select the correct product model, transmission mode, serial number, baud rate and other parameters, and adjust the brightness, color, contrast and other effects according to the

actual situation.

The fourth step: decorate and beautify the led display to make it harmonious with the surrounding environment. Decoration and beautification can use spray paint, stickers, lights and other methods to increase the beauty and attractiveness of the led display.

During the installation process, Reissopto also paid attention to the following aspects:

  • Install necessary lightning protection devices to prevent lightning from damaging the led display.
  • Choose outdoor-specific high-brightness LEDs to ensure clear visibility under strong light.
  • Adopt front maintenance design to facilitate later maintenance and replacement.
  • Choose a suitable installation method according to the site conditions, such as wall-mounted, column-mounted, hoisting, etc.

Through the above steps and precautions, Reissopto successfully completed the installation project of this outdoor led display, bringing satisfactory results and services to customers.

Reissopto not only provides high-quality led display products, but also provides professional installation and debugging services, so that you have no worries. If you have any needs or questions about led displays, please feel free to contact us!