Reiss Optoelectronics’ LED Screen Helps Puerto Rico   Indoor Exhibition Hall Create a Unique Display Platform

Reissopoto is a professional enterprise engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of LED video walls. It has many years of industry experience and technical advantages, and provides customers with high-quality, high-performance and high- efficiency LED display solutions. Recently, Reissopoto provided an indoor LED video wall for a luxury hotel in Cambodia, demonstrating its excellent product quality and service level.

Product Features

The p2 indoor LED video wall has the following features:

  • Front maintenance: The p2 indoor LED video wall adopts a front maintenance design, which can quickly replace modules, power supplies, control cards and other components through the front panel, making it easy to maintain and repair.
  • Low gray scale: The p2 indoor LED video wall adopts high-end driving chips and control systems, which can achieve low gray scale and high refresh effects, ensuring the clarity and stability of the picture.
  • High refresh: The p2 indoor LED video wall adopts a high-frequency scanning method, which can reach a refresh rate of 3840Hz, smoothly playing videos and animations, without ghosting and flickering phenomena.
  • Exquisite picture: The p2 indoor LED video wall adopts a p2 screen pitch, which makes each square meter have 250,000 pixels, which can present a delicate and exquisite picture, suitable for close viewing.

Project Overview

The project used Reissopoto’s p2 indoor LED video wall, with a total area of 40 square meters, in a rectangular shape, wall-mounted in the hotel’s conference hall, as an important equipment for the hotel’s venue rental and conference service.

Project Benefits

The successful delivery of the project not only brought good results and reputation to the hotel, but also established a good brand image for Reissopoto in the Cambodian market. Reissopoto will continue to be customer-oriented, quality-based, innovation-driven, and provide more customers with high-quality indoor LED video walls and professional services. Welcome customers to consult and cooperate.

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