Outdoor LED display for sport

Outdoor large LED display

[Application field]: sports events

[Pixel pitch]: P10 mm

[Screen area]: 650 square meters

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[Project Introduction]:  outdoor large-screen displays in the field of stadiums is very important. It can not only provide real-time broadcast of the game, but also replay wonderful images so that the audience can better enjoy the game, and it can also provide slow motion Replay helps referees make correct decisions, reduces unnecessary disputes, and ensures that the results of the game are more fair and just. In addition, it can also be used for athlete introduction, game result information display and commercial advertising. It has a wide range of functions, whether it is the Olympic Games or the World Cup. The application of LED full-color display is indispensable in various competitions. LED full-color display has become an essential facility in various modern stadiums including football stadiums, basketball stadiums, and track and field stadiums.