Outdoor LED billboard

[ Pixel pitch ] : P10mm

[ Screen area ] : 350 square meters

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[ Project Introduction ] : P10 outdoor full – color LED billboard adopts embedded installation, and forms an integrated picture with the wall. The frame part is very narrow and aluminum alloy is used. The overall effect is simple and elegant, and it is smoothly handed over to customers.

The best viewing effect can be obtained by using high resolution at a visual distance of 8 meters to 150 meters from the screen. To a certain extent, it can be comparable to LCD. The wide viewing angle of 160° and the high consistency of each luminous tube allows you to Any angle in this range can get the same first – class picture quality;

The screen has the characteristics of waterproof, antifreeze, and high temperature resistance. It adopts a special box material and has good heat dissipation, ensuring that the LED display has a longer life. 

The display screen has bright colors, strong three – dimensional effect, static like an oil painting, moving like a movie, with a wide visual range, and has good advertising economic benefits.

 The perfect combination of architectural features not only plays a role in setting off the atmosphere and embellishing the environment, but also a weapon to bring out the benefits of advertising and attract consumers’ attention.