How to Clean an LED Screen?

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Cleaning an LED screen is relatively easy, but you do need to take a few precautions to avoid harming your electronics. Start by finding the right cloths and cleaners, and then gently wipe down your screen, starting with a dry cloth. Also, make sure to avoid certain cleaners so you don’t damage your screen.

First, read the owner’s manual. Most devices with LED display screens come with an owner’s manual. That manual will often describe the best method to clean the screen, as well as the best cleaner to use. It will also tell you what to avoid.

Turn the screen off. LED displays do heat up when they’re on, so it’s best to turn them off before cleaning. Let it sit for a while until it’s cool. Doing so can make it easier to clean, as some of the static electricity will dissipate, which in turn will help release the dust.

Start with a dry microfiber cloth. Rub the screen down in gentle circles using just a microfiber cloth. The cloth will likely pick up most of the smudges on your screen, as it is able to pick up both dirt and oil. If it’s not working, you may need to add water next.

Second, cleaning problem areas. Create a cleaner with dish soap. Most of the time, adding a bit of water to the cloth may be all you need. When it’s extra smudged, try adding a tiny bit of dish-washing soap. Dilute it heavily. Even a single drop in a cup of water may be enough. Add the cleaner to the cloth. Dip a new cloth in the cleaner, as you’ve already picked up a lot of dirt with the last cloth. You can also spray the cleaner onto the cloth instead of dipping. Wring out any excess, and rub down the screen in a circular motion. This method should remove any smudges that are left.

Apply cleaner with a cotton swab in difficult areas. If you can’t get into the corners with your cloth, a cotton swab may solve the problem. Put a bit of cleaner on the swab, and rub it into the corners to get out the smudges.

Finally, avoiding problems. Skip window cleaner. Your first instinct is likely to reach for a glass cleaner. It makes some sense. However, window cleaner is fairly strong, stronger than what you want for cleaning LED screens. It can strip the sensitive surface, so it’s best to avoid it. Avoid cleaners with ammonia or alcohol. When browsing electronic cleaners, avoid any that don’t specifically say they are alcohol- and ammonia-free. While some sites recommend using equal parts of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water on LED display screens, the truth is any alcohol or ammonia may strip the coating off your screen. Don’t void your warranty. If you use a cleaner that your manual specifically says not to use, that will likely void your warranty. Reading your manual ahead of time can save you a lot of grief in the future if you ever need to take your electronic device in for repairs.

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