Revolution of LED display technology

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Innovation and development of technologies is refreshed by date to date, in which it happens for LED display screen industry as well.


With widely commercialization of 5G technologies creates more application and demand for LED display screens.


So, what is the development direction of REISS display in coming 2022?


Major direction of REISS display in 2022


As a leader in the LED display industry, REISS display will catch the opportunity for the expending LED display market, and here are our 3 major directions:


1. Ultra-High-Definition display screens

By more mature using of Micro/Mini LED display technology, we believe that high definition display screen is the coming trend.


And the advantages of LED color saturation and seamless splicing becomes more significant too.


So, ordinary LED displays in for both indoor and outdoor environment, will gradually replaced current screen using to ultra-high-definition display screens, for a better visual experience to their audience.


2. Innovation of the appearance of LED display screen

With more expectation of audience for new technologies, traditional shape such as diamond, fan or spherical will gradually diminish using.


For instance, transparent glass screen, film screen, floor tiles, or curtain wall screen, in which create hi-tech appearance, we believe is the new year trend and our development goal as well.




Transparent screen from Jaguar


3. Friendly interaction with the screen


Apart from the shape and definition, users also expect for easy and friendly interaction to operate the LED screen.


Especially for more chance of home education and video conference meeting due to the social restriction, it has created more demand for usage in individual purpose.


So it is more important to prepare for a friendly interface for user to operate the software in order to perform simple operation such as screen sharing, remote interaction or bugs fixing.


As such, our team is always taken the user experience as our first priority during our development too.


We are sure that we can create the best LED display by approaching the 3 major directions in the coming year, in which customer satisfaction is our major goal.